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Business challenge ough the Mexican government owns its public roadways, including the Arco Norte, it often awards Concession Contracts to third parties for building, maintenance and running of its various roads. IDEAL was awarded the contract for the Arco Norte and, as soon as construction began, they started exploring their options. In order to ensure safety and smooth travels for their users, IDEAL knew they needed to have eyes on the road to monitor levels of traffic congestion and potential hazards or incidents. ey also needed eyes on toll plazas to monitor safety and accuracy of toll transactions. With an average of 18,500 vehicles traveling on the Arco Norte each day, this was no small feat. e road operators required an intelligent transport system (ITS) that would include a video surveillance system to monitor and manage the entirety of the 223 kilometers from their central control center, built midway on the Arco Norte. Arco Norte's security system requirements Since the Arco Norte was a new road, there was no ITS or security system in place, this allowed the opportunity to start from scratch and sketch an optimal solution from the ground up. IDEAL knew they needed a cutting-edge and technologically advanced solution. ey hired Americas Resources, a Genetec Certified Integrator, and leader within the ITS and vehicle control systems industry, to take on this challenge. Americas Resources' team led by Guillermo Gutierrez, Operations Manager took on the task of project design and implementation for this installation. "We wanted an IP video surveillance solution that could send video feed back to the control center. However, even more integral was finding a platform that would be extensible enough to allow video to integrate with the tolling and auditing systems to create a complete package," said Mr. GutiƩrrez. Case Study Arco Norte - Mexico Mexico's Arco Norte deploys Genetec's state-of-the-art Omnicast platform as part of the core of its intelligent transport system As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Mexico City suffers from major traffic congestion. In an effort to alleviate the problem, construction of the Arco Norte began in 2006 (translated: Northern Arch), a 223 km road that arcs around the suburbs of the capital city. The road skirts around the northeast of the metropolis through four states, and allows pass-through travelers to bypass the city itself, saving up to three or four hours in travel time. The Arco Norte crosses several other high-traffic thoroughfares and includes 14 main intersections. Because the road is part of a closed tolling system, charging vehicles for the specific portion of road traveled, a toll plaza was required at each of the intersections; altogether the 14 plazas comprise approximately 80 toll lanes.

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